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Providing individual psychotherapy to adults who are coping with anxiety, stress, and general life difficulties

Insurance Questions

What happens if my insurance covers treatment with Dr. Ferrell-Hanington?

If you decide to use your insurance psychotherapy services, as a courtesy, Dr. Ferrell-Hanington will verify your insurance benefits.  Prior to your initial appointment, she will explain your coverage as provided from your insurance company.  While the insurance company may provide a quote regarding your coverage prior to treatment, the actual payment of your claims cannot be determined until the Explanation of Benefits is received after the processing of your claim. She will file your insurance claims as a courtesy.

Should I consider paying for psychotherapy myself and not use my insurance?

When insurance is used to pay for mental health counseling, information is released to the insurance company in order for it to pay for the claims.  This includes a diagnosis for a specific mental health condition, which becomes part of your permanent health record.  This information would be accessed when insurance companies are verifying your health history, such as when you apply for life insurance.

Insurance companies require treatment billing codes for psychotherapy services based on the length of the session.  Some insurance companies limit the basic session length and require authorization for longer sessions.  Based on the rates that insurance companies pay towards psychotherapy, it may be financially detrimental for a psychologist/counselor to offer longer sessions through insurance reimbursement.

Insurance companies also attempt to limit their contracted provider lists in order to reduce access to treatment, improving their profitability.  Therefore, it can be challenging to find a contracted provider who treats your condition or is a good fit. 

When clients pay Dr. Ferrell-Hanington directly for services, the mental health record will be helf privately.  Also, she will consider the length of sessions based on the needs of the client and tailor a personalized treatment plan beyond the restrictions of the insurance company.  Furthermore, a mental health diagnosis is not required if the problem areas and goals of treatment are set by the client do not necessitate a specific diagnosis.

Do I have out-of-network coverage?

Dr. Ferrell-Hanington may not be contracted with your insurance company.  However, you may have benefits that will cover a portion of the cost of treatment.  She will assist you in assessing your coverage, such as out-of-network deductible and co-insurance amounts.  Also, she will file your out-of-network claims as a courtesy.

You may want to confirm your benefits as well, and you may ask the following questions:

  • What is my out-of-network deductible and how much of my deductible for the year has been met?
  • How much will be applied to my deductible per psychotherapy visit?
  • What percentage is covered after my deductible is met?

How do I pay for treatment if I do not use my insurance?

Psychotherapy is not a lifetime process.  Dr. Ferrell-Hanington specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is an approach that utilizes goal-setting.  You can decide how long you desire to participate in treatment based on your needs.  Even though weekly sessions are common at the beginning of treatment, you may benefit from biweekly or monthly visits as well.

Dr. Ferrell-Hanington accepts cash, checks, and credit cards.  If you have a health savings account (HSA), a flexible spending account (FSA), or a medical savings account, you can use these pre-tax funds to pay for mental health services

Dr. Ferrell-Hanington will consider payment plans or discounting services for those in need.  Please ask her about these options for more information.